Jonathan Duran's Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings

Jonathan Duran earrings featuring triangle shape Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and inlay of Red Jet,Black Onyx,and Opal. These earrings have an additional attribute  that makes them irresistible. The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Top detaches,and can be worn as studs. Additionally, the bottom inlay sections are interchangeable.

These earrings by Jonathan Duran represent the element of Earth. Earth is said to be our Mother. Everything we experience is somehow affected by our connection to this very grounding element. It often represents all that is living on this planet, such as all of the animal and plant kingdom. As we share this home with so many living creatures, the Earth is our tie to our experience on this three-dimensional plane. My intention is to honor her with this line of jewelry, dedicated to all her glory.

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