Jonathan Duran's Dog-Tag Style Opal Inlay Pendant

A very masculine application of Black Mother of Pearl, that rivets ones attention. It is clear this Dog Tag Style Pendent by Jonathan Duran is totally uncommon. The intersecting waves motif is fashioned from Australian Opal. The Opal and Black Mother of Pearl, are skillfully inlaid in 14 karat gold. This memorable creation is the preeminent Dog Tag Style Pendent, that most men will covet.

The Dog Tag Style Pendent is part of Jonathan Duran's Elemental Series. It represents the element of Water. Water is known for healing/cleansing and a symbol of change. The fact that most of the Earth consists of water, and the human body has almost an identical percentage of water makes it's connection to our existence on this planet very uncanny. Without water, we would soon perish. And our energetic vibration has so much to do with this fluid element that anything representing this will have a strong influence. My intention is to create a line of jewelry to enhance our natural connection to water, and all its healing and transformational qualities to those who wear it.

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