Danuta's Persian Turquoise and Blue Sapphire Ring

Extraordinary, is the most accurate word to use to convey the visual  beauty of this Persian Turquoise ring, skillfully created by Danuta. Persian Turquoise, comes from the mines of modern day Iran. This particular stone is a stunning 65.95 carats, and measures 30 mm long x 20 mm wide. Notice the earthy matrix that swirls openly throughout this enchanting stone. This matrix adds a unique contrast that gives the stone an adventurous quality. This attention capturing stone is artfully encircled with Blue Sapphires, the Sapphires are also arranged down the sides of the decorative shank. Total weight of the Sapphires is 1.30 carats. Round diamonds are placed at the center of the shank to add the finishing touch. The ring is methodically crafted in 18 karat yellow gold.

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