Jonathan Duran's Turquoise and Opal Mandala Pendant

A breathtaking creation by Jonathan Duran. This artistic design highlights, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Black Mother of Pearl, and Australian Opal. This alluring pendent is hand crafted in 14 karat gold, and measures 40mm in diameter. 

This pendent is part of Jonathan Duran's Elemental Series,it represents the element of Ether. Ether is the fifth element, that deals with the non-physical, or what I like to call "Spirit". It is associated with the stars and cosmos, and describes the unseen energy felt in the universe. I have chosen to explore this element with my favorite symbolic representation of "Spirit" : The Mandala. The Mandala can be seen in cultures globally, and is often depicted in the highest form of connection to the divine. From the Native American "medicine wheel" to the intricately complex Tibetan Mandalas,this exploration of this unseen element of Ether brings all those who connect with it closer to however "Spirit" touches them.

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